TUBE HELP with 5AR4 Rectifier

I just picked up a Tube Phono Preamp which uses a 5ar4 Rectifier tube...
I have (3) to choose from and would like to know which would work the best in the unit..


I know there are some really nice rectifier tubes out there but these are what I have to work with now...and I do wish I had some Phillips Miniwatts to try.
Your input is appreicated
I happened on a Philips MiniWatt GZ34 and sceptically installed it in my Cary SLP05 and was really surprised at the difference it made. Quieter, sharper images and a tad warmer
(Low voltage = mellower, less aggressive)
-10v 5Y3
0 5R4, 5R4-G
+15v 5U4-G
+15v 5U4-G, -GA, -GB [G=800ma-max, GA=900ma-max, GB=1000ma-max]
+20v GZ32 (Mullards own, 5V4 substitute)
+25v 5V4
+25v 5V4-G
+25v 5V4-GA
+45v 5AR4 / (GZ34)
(Higher voltage = Dynamic, more aggressive)

John C.
I think you've got a really good tube with the Ruby. The nice thing with Ruby was that they rigorously tested their tubes so they're really consistent. If I remember right, Ruby is no longer in production, so JJ is the next best option.