Tube integrated

I am interesting in buying a tube integrated. I think my budget is around 3K - 5K range (new/demo/used) is fine. But I do want to get a decent one. The options are too many...but I do have some criteria.

1) Has to be aesthetically pleasing (which takes out the Primaluna stuff for now, else I’d consider them)
2) Push-pull Class A/B, I like to keep my electronics on always, and I am environmentally conscious, so I don’t want to just drain power with a Class A (Octave’s eco mode is very interesting in this regard)
3) Has to be at or above 30 WPC to drive my speakers as per their recommendation
4) Biasing has to be easy (auto is best, but manual bias with integrated meter is fine)
5) Prefer KT150/120/88 based stuff (I’m flexible here, just want KT150 if possible)
6) Prefer less noise, so high SnR like 90 or above
7) Volume control should be high quality, like stepped attenuattor
8) At least one XLR input

Don’t need phono/dac input, doesn’t have to be single ended (by default).

With that said, I think I like the Octave V70SE, V80SE, they fit the bill but above budget new. Really wanna check out the Lyric 140. I think these may be doable with the 5K (maybe a bit more) budget and demo/used condition.

What other options are out there?
Hi, my main system is a solid sate seperates system. I wanna get a hassle free tube integrated for just to switch things up now and then. But if the sound is great then I just wanna keep it on. My eventual plan is to sell my SS separates and also replace it with a very high end SS integrated. I had a tube preamp before (Dehavilland Ultraverve3), and while great, I just don't know if I wanna get involved with tube separates. Else the Quicksilver Mono amps would be pretty desirable, very affordable and US made. 

Yes, their amps have the features that I like. Unfortunately it seems like if I want to play around with KT150s, I'd have to get the V80SE, else the V70SE would be perfect.

Fair enough, everything will be connected though, to the speakers. I feel turning then on and off puts extra stress on the tubes.

Ravens look great, but I feel they are a bit overpriced for the offering and compared to competition. However the Blackhawk LE is interesting, as is the Osprey.  The Reflection 2 has too many tubes for me to maintain.

As for others, the CAV45 is something I looked into before. I'd consider CJ stuff if I was looking for separates, but for an integrated, the CAV45 doesn't have a preamp stage, it's passive, and I'm not sure if I'l like the sound of it.

Cayin - this may be something to consider. 
I don’t know if you have seen the Primaluna products in person but they look much better than they photograph.  Personally I dislike the tube cage that reminds me of a roll top desk. However its use is user optional. 

A used VAC 160i would be a great choice but would still likely exceed your budget.  I believe it’s KT88 only for the output tubes.

Jolida has some integrated amps that offer KT150 tubes so that might be worth a look.

Another albeit expensive candidate is the Leben CS600 even though it doesn’t offer the tube compliment you are looking for. It is a wonderful sounding unit with a retro style. 
The XLR input requirement is what really puts a major limitation on your options, as tube integrateds in this price range tend not to feature this, not even a "convenience" input (i.e. not genuinely balanced).  Perhaps go hybrid.