Tube Integrated Amp Recommendation

I am looking for a tube integrated amp that has lots of tube flavor (can't find a better word).  I don't care for more modern tube amps that start to sound a lot like solid state.  I need at least 25 watts, and my budget is $4K.  Right now, I am thinking that Unison Research Triode 25 may be a good choice.  I know that some vintage amps may work well; however, I don't have the time right now to pursue any restoration or maintenance needed to make them sound their best and keep them reliable. Any suggestions you may have are very much appreciated.


I would highly recommend a used Audio Research I-50. Great musicality, warmth, and detail. If I had an excuse to put together another system I would buy one. An exceptional deal even new.

A lot of people like Cary amps for the sound characteristics you’re looking for.  Best of luck.

Thanks for some great suggestions that were not on my radar..

I realize that there are plenty of previous threads that focus on tube amp recommendations, but I am specifically looking for that lush, liquid mid-range.. I do not care as much about dynamics, hyper-detail, or even strong bass… thanks again…