Tube Integrated Amp Recommendation

I am looking for a tube integrated amp that has lots of tube flavor (can't find a better word).  I don't care for more modern tube amps that start to sound a lot like solid state.  I need at least 25 watts, and my budget is $4K.  Right now, I am thinking that Unison Research Triode 25 may be a good choice.  I know that some vintage amps may work well; however, I don't have the time right now to pursue any restoration or maintenance needed to make them sound their best and keep them reliable. Any suggestions you may have are very much appreciated.


Ayon is built to a higher standard then most judt compare 

the case a nice machined aluminum , made in Austria Mundorf coupling capacitors 

The excellent Lundahl transformers and chokes which is the heart of a tube amp 

all tube sockets and connectors Copper not cheap brass like most 

and microprocessor controlled which adjusts each power tubes for age , rather then just average all the same to get better life , when a tube does go,a red led comes on then shuts down ,you replace that tubes, hit the recalibrate button and you are back on your way.very solid engineering , tube u.s,a sells them for agood price 

or buy one used ,like a spirit2 or 3 .


I would buy one in a heartbeat if I were looking for an Intergrated in that range. I have heard one at my local dealer and it truly is major bliss.