Tube integrated amps -- new Value Leaders?

Has anyone compared either the Raven Nighthawk or the most affordable version of Primaluna, Quicksilver, or Rogue Audio integrated amps against the new value leaders from China -- Wilsenton, Cayin, Doge, Muzishare, BoyuuRange, etc.?

Especially Wilsenton and Cayin have been the rage lately thanks primarily to YouTubers like Jay (that young guy, not the slightly out of shape body builder), Thomas & Stereo, Steve Guttenberg and a few more. If you listen to these guys, you start wondering why you should pay twice as much for the Ravens and Primalunas of the world. I wonder how much of it is typical Youtube sensationalism/shilling vs. objective comparisons without ulterior motives. I have never heard any of these brands, nor do I have any affiliation with them. Just curious.

Secondly, there is another brand called Rogers that seems to fly under the radar. It’s also made in the USA, build quality looks fine, and is competitively priced with Raven, Quicksilver, etc. I would love to try one of their amps some day. But they don’t seem to get much love on these forums. I wonder why.

I would like to hear from someone who has compared the new value leaders with the established ones in the tube integrated amp segment.


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@jerryg123 Black Ice Audio is not owned by Underwood HiFi; Underwood is one of their many dealers.

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@arafiq  - some random ideas (most built in North America or available via North American dealers, I think - a few others via UK, etc.). I’m not directly familiar with any of them - just came to mind & (I think) in the ballpark on price

Aric Audio Systems





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