Tube integrated and DAC for office system

Looking for a  reasonably priced integrated (preferably tube) and a DAC for an office system, total price around 1500 USD, 2000 hard limit.
Can be either 1 or 2 box implementation.
Speakers are pretty efficient Brines fostex-based transmission lines, rated to need 30 watts.
Listening is near field, low volume.

Current amp is  a little Napa Acoustics, which I enjoyed, but it has now failed.  DAC is an early HRT music streamer, which I expect can be readily bested.
For context, I prefer a warmer, more relaxed presentation; main system Daedalus Ulysses + Pass INT 60.
Open to kit-amps.
Thanks in advance!

Rogue Sphinx v3 over on Usaudionmart for $1000 and various DACS (Denafrips, Topping ,Shiit etc) for ~$500. Cronus Magnum on here for $1200.  I only have the Rogue RP-1 pre but its been a good piece and then company is really good to deal with.  I also have the Schiit Modi hooked to an old ZP90, very basic but  works great, solid.
John, I've been using a 60 year old Masterwork (by Pilot) integrated with a Chord Hugo and Merrill Zigmahornets for many years.  Smaller output tubes like EL84s seem to hit the sweet spot for me.  You could consider Pilot, Scott, Heath or more.  The Rogue is a hybrid with a solid state amp and way more power than you will ever need (but is nice).  There are a fair number of EL84 based integratedes/receivers on here and USAM for 750-1500.

The other fun part of an el84 based amp is tube rolling.  If you listed as much as I do at work it is fun and easy to do.

Finally, I would really suggest trying non-nearfield listening.  My speakers sound way better moved a few feet away from my desk.  Imaging is better too.
Thank you for the suggestions, folks.  Rogue is definitely on the list, though I'm now leaning a DIY pass design, as I have a friend who is an accomplished builder and willing to help.
Elevick, totally agreed about the disadvantages of nearfield, but my office is a tight space and I'm stuck.  The single driver speakers do work better than anything else I've tried that way.