tube integrated for Vandersteen 2's

I've been looking at the Rogue Cronus Magnum and the Cary SLI-80 for the Vandersteens. In a small room 8 x 10 with mostly jazz. any other ones in the $2K price point to consider?
This is probably not the advice you want to hear, but if you have 2K to invest I would move out the Vandersteens which are unsuitable for a room this small rather than invest the money on an amp specific for them. They are classic speakers but need a big room.
I think Ddd1 is right, unless you are planning a different room in the near future, it seems you do not have a optimal room/speaker combo - other than that, Rogue or ARC seem like good recommendations for use with Vandersteen - at least there seems to be a lot of folks happy with that pairing.
Miketuason is correct with his recommendations. Jadis Orchestra reference is another consideration but biasing that amp requires professional service unless you can do it yourself. Vandy's are wonderful speakers (I don't own them personally, but have always been impressed with them) and will pass on upstream excellance (so the better the amp is, go for it) in all components. Happy Listening.
I know I'm taking this conversation even more off-track...

While I agree that, in general and without knowing more about your system, room and preferences the Vandersteens are too much speaker for your room (I went with Green Mountain Audio speakers over a set of Vandersteen 2ce Sig IIs for this exact reason) you may want to think about acoustical treatments before getting on the equipment merry-go-round.

Acoustical Solutions

A set of 2' x 4' x 2" panel at the first reflection point, a 4' x 6' x 2" panel behind the seating position, and 2 (4 if you can do it) corner-mounted bass traps can do wonders for a small room.

I promise you...this will be a far better $1000 upgrade than any equipment purchase. No, it ain't sexy, but it's *soooo* worth it. If you've done this already know what I'm talking about.

What are you using now as an amp / pre-amp / integrated?
I'm not sure the problem is simply room reflections and bass traps, I'm not sure the room is big enough for driver integration. John Rutan from Audio Connection in New Jersey would probably be the best person to ask, I suspect he has sold more VS speakers than anyone in the country. The room/speaker interface is so much more important than the amp in terms of priority, that I would not spend a dime on an amp till I was sure the I got that part of the equation right first.