Tube integrated w/ phono

What would be a good tube/hybrid integrated amp to use/consider for hook up with my turntable, computer, cd/dvd player, tuner, and a pair of bookshelf speakers? I'm on a pretty tight budget and want to keep the cost under $1300 or so. My room is about 17'd x 8'high x 11'w and is carpeted.
the mac phono boards have been uniformly excellent for years...unless you have incredibly efficent speakers , the audio note won't drive much.......and the phono stage isn't the quietestg. for your budg3et, a creek solid state integrated is a mutch better purchase.
IMO the Audionote OTO SE w/ phono cannot be beat used. This is a highend amplifier. At 10w/ch it won't drive everything but it will drive the best speakers out there, get high eff monitors.
What about the Unison Reasearch Unico series, the Unico P is in your price range new. I would also consider an amp and seperate phono stage, ther are lots of tube integrated amps under $1000., and a used Dynavector P-75 phono stage used should be close to your budget.