Tube Matching...

I have a Cary SLP 98P pre amp with 4 matching 6sn7 tubes in it. Monday, I'm taking delivery on a pair of Canary M350 monoblocks with matching 300 b tubes. Also matching 2 (in each amp) 6sn7 tubes. My question is should the 6sn7 tubes match for both the amp and the preamp? I would need a new set octet. or does it not make a difference. Thanks in advance.

Nope no need to match 6SN7s with your preamp the tubes in preamp and amp are doing different jobs. Though same type you will likely find a tube that’s better in your amp vs your preamp. Have fun and congrats on your new amp!
Thanks Jond, I'm told this pure class A amp should drive my Legacy Whisper HD's very nicely.