Tube MC phono stage recommendation

I've been enjoying my Bottlehead Eros phono for some time now and after a good bit of tube rolling I think sounds pretty great. However, it's gain is a bit limited for running MC cartridges and when I've tried in the past it forces me to crank up the system and with that comes lots of noise. I'm sure a SS MC phono would be the quietest option but I love the quality of sound and the tweakability offered by tubes. 

Let me know if you have a tube phono (new or used) that you would recommend. I would be interested in anything under $1,500 (ideally a lot under ;).

Oh, one more item if it helps to inform your recommendations... while the phono is typically used for playback over speakers I'm planning to do more headphone listening in the future. 
You can find used Manley Chinook phone stages for around your budget.  Excellent phono stage.
Which cartridge you runing? A 0.5mV - 0.8mV MC is a different world from a 0.3mV and below. In that price range for a phono stage you’ll need some help from the cartridge for best results, i.e. at least 0.5mV.

For 0.5mV - 1.0mV range cartridges I think the Sonic Frontiers Phono 1 (in all its versions - stock, SE, and SE+) is fantastic (note: not their older model phono stage)! Especially if you pop in some awesome vintage Euro 6922/E88CC/7308 tubes. Note it came in 2 gain flavors: 54dB and 60dB, and I think you’d want the latter (it can be modded either way). Should be doable under 1500 used, but they’ve gotten rarer these days. I've had amazing results with the Phono 1 and Ortofon Cadenza Bronze (0.45mV) and Shelter Accord (0.5 mV) - really wicked enjoyable analog sound - and I have a VAC phono stage and Koetsu Blue Lace in the main system to compare to. However if you run a 0.3mV or lower, the dynamics and bass will suffer. For lower output stuff you’re gonna be looking at a tube MM stage plus a good SUT in a 10x - 30x ratio. And that combination will run more than 1500 used.

Edit: Manley Chinook looks like a really good modern option for most MC carts if you can get one into your price range. Like the Sonic Frontiers, it uses a quad of 6922 plus a pair of JFETs.
That's fair. Most of the carts I would likely start with would be in the 0.5mV - 1.0mV range. 

Sonic Frontiers was not on my radar, will take a look for sure. Thanks! 
Sonic Frontiers is unfortunately defunct, but the head guy behind it now runs Parts Connexion, and he offers service plus upgrades on Sonic Frontiers gear. I’ve been through a number of phono stages by now, and the Phono 1 has impressed me the most in its "value for money" - yes, even compared to the Herron phono stage (which is excellent but priced a full level above). There is that caveat your output must be close to 0.5mV or higher, but looks like you’re there so I’d keep my eyes peeled. Mine is staying here for the forseeable future; it's unbeatable in my 2nd system :)

Happy New Year!
An alternative to the excellent ideas above would be adding high grade Cinemag step up transformers to your EROS, or something from Bobs Devices, I am sure this has been done, see the Bottlehead forum....
Second what tomic601 said.  If you built the bottlehead,  doing a sut would be a Breeze.  Also if you still want to change amps,  you will be MC ready.

Enjoy the ride
@tomic601 's suggestion for a Bob's Devices / CineMag SUT is a great one, and all of the blue-label models sound fantastic - 1254, 1131, Sky (in various ratios). Bob's Devices makes many of these (the Sky and 1131 models are exclusive to him) and they show up used for a good price occasionally. I've used a total of 4 of these and really liked each one. I think even the old CineMag 3440A came in a blue-label version for a short time. I'm not a huge fan of the old red-label 3440A, but even that model would make a huge improvement on your current setup, with your existing phono stage. You'll get dynamic, bass impact, clean tone - all with a much lower noise floor to boot. The only devil to tack down with a SUT is ground hum - and you IC cables from SUT to phono stage should be kept short as possible (less than 1m is best), low-capacitance, and shielded!
 I'm sure a SS MC phono would be the quietest option but I love the quality of sound and the tweakability offered by tubes.

Do you know the trade offs? It can be noisy and microphonic, depends on the tubes, they do not last forever. A solid state phono stage at your budget can be much better, actually it can be fantastic. 
Hey chakster, yes, I have fun both ss (integrated and standalone) and tube phonos and my ear seems to prefer the results I get from tubes. Not always easy to live with but I enjoy the process of researching, sourcing, and swapping tubes. 

I'll probably try exploring the world of SUTs, but just out of curiosity, what SS phono stage in my price range do you really love?
You could also use a Piccolo2 as a front end.  That will give you all the additional flexibility you need, if you like the Eros.  
I’ll probably try exploring the world of SUTs, but just out of curiosity, what SS phono stage in my price range do you really love?

Now definitely current injection type of the phono stages like 47 Labs Phonocube for MC only, your LOMC must be low impedance like 2-5 Ohm. I bought it not so long ago (used, not new) at your price range, prior to that i've been using (and still have it) the JLTi mk4, the mk5 now available here.

Regarding the SUT i like vintage Luxman toroidal silver SUT combo.

Thanks for the suggestions! Some really fun items to research. 

I did end up going with a Cinemag based SUT built by Ned Clayton and a Dennon DL-301ii. Everything is sounding great but I did need to swap some tubes in the Eros. Apparently, in my pre-MC quest for more detail and clarity, I had biased the system a little lean and needed to warm and soften it a bit after installing the 301. 
Hey Taylor

I also have a cinemag 1254 built by Ned. A great value and very well done.