Tube Mono-Block Recommendation

Currently I have the Bob Carver 305, Looking to upgrade to something else in the Class A Region. Budget is around 12000 US, New or Used any recommendation.

I like the Amps, to be fast, Accurate and musical as possible. Giving me close to Transistor Amp Clarity but with the magic off tubes.
How about something that like this:

It can drive big ATCs well and are SETs !!

Or this one:
Im not pulling anyone legs. Just got a windfall and like a little child its time to buy some sweets iv longed after so much lol.
I think if you can at least audition them, consider the Audiopax Model 88 amplifiers. I have been a strong supporter of Audiopax for a number of years. They fly below the radar but are excellent amps.

Not a Tube Amp

Ill post it again :-)

Where are you located ? you last post mentioned you were not in the US.

Good Listening

The Whisper XD come with a Built in Class D Amplifier I can use for the lower regions. The midrange and Tweeter level will run of the Tube Amps.

I do have the clayton Audio M300 at hand and they are keepers for sure. Just looking for an Alternative to SS amps.

Almarg thanks for the technical info, honestly I have no clue. What would you suggest? Mind you this is for midrange and Tweeter level. The speaker has its class D amp. I could always Bi-amp them using the Clayton Audio for the lower Woofers and the Tubes for the mids and tweets.