Tube Mono-Block Recommendation

Currently I have the Bob Carver 305, Looking to upgrade to something else in the Class A Region. Budget is around 12000 US, New or Used any recommendation.

I like the Amps, to be fast, Accurate and musical as possible. Giving me close to Transistor Amp Clarity but with the magic off tubes.
its sold my bobs. The pre-amp cost more then the Amps and I find the Purity audio bar far the best pre-amp used compared to even VAC when adding pre-amps into the chain. The purity helps to control the amps correctly. When connecting directly the sound is just so thinner and has less body to it. Bass is less controlled.

I did try the MSB DAD Directly to the Bobs, The bobs sounded dark and slow.
OK--Iv made up my mind. Im going for the Atma MA2 Monsters. Seems to be the that's fits my requirements.
I must say after emailing VAC, BAT and a few other companies to me Ralph provides best customer service. Responds super fast. This is another reason why I have gone down the atma route. Im not into super coloured Midrange or slow sounding amplifiers. I hope this is the last Amplifiers I buy.
Still leaves me wandering How the Atma will compare to the David Berning Quads Z Amps. The QuadZOTL seem to run cooler with less Energy consumption, heat and less tubes. Since im from a tropical climate. Still need to consider these as a option. I like the classical looks of the Atma but heat and power as my current deciding factor. Will probably need to research more.