Tube Mono-Block Recommendation

Currently I have the Bob Carver 305, Looking to upgrade to something else in the Class A Region. Budget is around 12000 US, New or Used any recommendation.

I like the Amps, to be fast, Accurate and musical as possible. Giving me close to Transistor Amp Clarity but with the magic off tubes.
OK--Iv made up my mind. Im going for the Atma MA2 Monsters. Seems to be the that's fits my requirements.
I must say after emailing VAC, BAT and a few other companies to me Ralph provides best customer service. Responds super fast. This is another reason why I have gone down the atma route. Im not into super coloured Midrange or slow sounding amplifiers. I hope this is the last Amplifiers I buy.
Still leaves me wandering How the Atma will compare to the David Berning Quads Z Amps. The QuadZOTL seem to run cooler with less Energy consumption, heat and less tubes. Since im from a tropical climate. Still need to consider these as a option. I like the classical looks of the Atma but heat and power as my current deciding factor. Will probably need to research more.
I had an Atma-Sphere MA2 in my home a few years back and will say it is one of my all time favorite amps ever!

Yes they run hot like ever other Class A amp but boy do they sound good!

You know how you look back on gear you wish you would have purchased or keep. Well this is one of them.