Tube or solid state

Do you prefer a tube preamp into a solid state amp or a solid state amp into a tube amp,which is your choice for best sound?


Tube preamp for the sound and SS amp for the power and generally cooler running. (Class AB)

Tube/solid préamp. to Tube poweramp ( dac= tube)) Metronome Technologie - Daniël Hertz M6L - Mal Valve 2

Well designed equipment doesn't have the characteristics of either tube or solid state.  Good equipment is neutral.  So it doesn't which type of component is in what position in the chain.  

I happen to have a hybrid phono stage, a tube preamp and solid state amps.  None of those components have any characteristic "sound."  


I have recently purchased a Cayin CS55a tube amp, whilst a very cheap amp ( and I paid 1/2 price) its performance I find astounding. I have tube rolled replacing the KT 88's with EL34's and this in may system improves markedly on my Naim Uniti and my Vincent pre / power amp hybrid. It is in my small music room but proves more than enough bass even with 20 watts in ultra linear mode. Speakers are Audio Physic Sitara 25's at 89dB and 4 ohms not exactly easy to drive.