Tube or Solid State

My question is, to power a pair of Usher Dancer CP-8517 would you go with the McIntosh MC402 SS Amp, or the MC2102 tube amp?

I grew up admiring the idea of owning my own tube system. But I'm worried that the tube amp wont give me enough sound for what I'm used to. I'm used to playing my music loud and although I understand it isn't an ideal format, all of my library is digital.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Go with the solid state Mac. The often subtle differences between tubes and SS is the liquidity of the tube sound which I think can be largely lost when you are listening to really loud music, as you seem inclined to do. Now if you maintain a SPL level around 80db and have heard and appreciate the difference between tubes and ss go for the sound you like best. Either of these amps should be able to drive your speakers with comfortable head room for peaks.

I agree with Tvad, watts is watts, BUT I do think that the sound of tubes often has a fullness in the lower frequencies (the 'power frequencies') that may cause one to think they are hearing something more powerful. Not fact, just opinion though.
Tvad: Fair enough. From 95 dB the tube amp has the headroom you suggest.

Newbee: Your statement about the differences between the 2 is a bit of over simplification. I do not want to turn this into another endless debate on tubes vs SS. You are obviously an SS guy and I am a tube guy. All we can probably do is to agree to disagree.

Actually,no worries the MAC tube amp will meet your needs and provide you with a sound that will exceed your expectations.
This is a personal opinion only,I'm a tube guy and I also prefer red wine over white if you catch my drift.
If you think you'd like tubes I think you should give them a whirl! Mac has great resale, or perhaps your dealer would let you demo them in your system.