tube or tube-like amp recommendations?

Can anyone make any recommendations for this system:

-JM Lab Electras: 915, 905, sr30, cc30
-ATI 5 channel amp (1505?) 150x5
-AdcoM GFA555II amp 200x2 (this is the one I'd like to replace)
-B&K ref 30 pre

I'd like to buy used equipment selling for less then $1500-$2000. Any ideas for a tube amp in this price range or a solid state with a tube like sound?

Aronov LS960 tube amp. Natural, musical, and extended range, with unexpectedly superior bass. You will be surprised how a well designed 60 watts per channel of big iron tube power will improve upon your 200 watts per channel of transistor power. This amp just sounds so "right," rather than what your expectation of a tube amp may be.
With top of the line Mapleshade power cord directly into the AC wall outlet, the bass extension, dynamics, and transient speed really impress.
This amplifier has no adjustments for you to make, and is solid, reliable, and aesthetically appealing with its backlit logo when turned on. Available used periodically on Audiogon.
The Music Reference RM-200 is a tube/solid-state hybrid that can be found for approximately $2k on AudioGon. Unlike many tube designs it is not perturbed by low impedances, and can deliver >100 wpc from 20-20kHz into a 4 Ohm load. It even has 2 Ohm taps, and has condsiderable output into even that extreme load. Being a Roger Modjeski design, it is highly reliable, built like a tank, and quite pleasing to the eye. As for its "sound", I can say that it portrays dynamic contrasts as well as I've heard from any amp. It has an amazingly broad tonal palette, and does not spotlight any particular part of the audible spectrum. I think this may be due to atypically taut, tuneful and extended low bass for a tube design. For what it's worth, I find it more desirable than most anything I've heard, regardless of price.
Depending on the efficency of your speakers and what type of music you listen to. I would suggest either the Conrad Johnson MF2500 (SS) or MV60 (Tube)or maybe a used premier 11a (tube).