Tube OTL amp for VAndy 5

Anyone using or heard of these speakers with a Joule or Atma? If so, which one, and what were your impressions?
Call Jud at Joule Electra. Besides building the highest quality hand built OTL's that kick butt, he is without question one of the finest gentlemen of Hi-End audio.
Thanks, guys. Lots of good info. Next question, aside from Spencer, has anyone compared the 5s with the Merlins, using a Joule or Atma amp?
Swampwalker, I have Merlins (VSM-MX with the superBAM). Just today I was at the dealers who has the 5's (by the way, they are 5's, not 5A's, I was wrong) with the m60's. He had them fired up for some customers. So, I have heard the M60's with 5's, but not with my Merlins. I can compare the 5's/M60 combo with my Merlin/monoblocked Berning combo, although that's not exactly what you want.