Tube Phono Stage

Hello Friends
I need a new phono stage, to replace the solid state phono stage, that I have now, whitch I find 50%, of my recordings, can at times, sound's a bit bright, don't get me wrong, we talking about great bass, and I have good ears, as I have a fantastic tube intergrated amp, my system will tell me what is a great sounding LP, and I mean great!!, but then, If I put a poor LP, on it will tell me, it is over produced, sounding a bit harsh, I have done a bit of research, I have came up with two, tube phono stages, within My budget, yeh  I know there are mega buck phono stage's, out there, and most don't come with cartridge loading, on the fly, or rca loading at the rear!!, the two I can come up with are as follows:
1. Decware ZP3, phono stage, with the ZMC1 "sut"
2. Tavish design, Adagio phono stage, with a "sut", built with a seperate power supply, with a price of around the same!!
Yes I want, to open a can of worms!!
What should I go for??
I look foward to your responce
I have the Parks Budgie M/M version. It uses two 6922's class A, with a dip switch for a bunch of cart. loading options, and I think it sounds great for what little it costs.
I don't think it's ugly or DIY- ish. But that's in the eye of the beholder.

I do have a question for all you guys.
Do you really hear an easily heard, and I mean big improvement, in the sound in a phono amp going from current production Russian 6922 tubes to any of the vaunted new old stock 6922 tubes ? I don't want to pay around 90.00 hard earned $ a pair for NOS tubes and hear no big change !

I have a Parks Budgie, it was a big upgrade over an art dj. Changing the tubes out makes a noticeable difference in my system. I am running some older amperex tubes. I tried sovteks, jan phillips, and EH. I dont really like the EH in anything, but its not bad in the budgie.
To throw in another suggestion, I have used a K&K Audio phono stage for I think 10 years. I have upgraded the turntable and never felt the need to improve the Phono stage. It comes In kit form, but Kevin arranged for mine to be built. He regularly comes up with upgrade kits at a very reasonable price, which make a real difference. I recommend you like at his website and perhaps speak to him, he is very helpful.
OK Halifax, if I spring for a pair of NOS Amperex 6922's and I'm not impressed I'll be looking for you !! HA! HA !

First of, you are assuming that all bad stuff which bothering you is coming from phono, which might or might not be so. It might come from the cartridge/arm/TT /preamp, cables etc., on the first place. I would try different (darker, better) cartridges and cables first. Then you’ll have to bring your perspective phono home and test it with your cartridge/arm/TT/pre/speakers etc., in your listening room)))). Unfortunately there is no substitute for that, the rest is just gambling. Moreover, to pic a really the best of the pack you’ll have to keep all of them for some time and switch from one to another back and forth until you finally hear the micro nuances which sets them a part. But even if you’ll be able to do all of the above, it is absolutely no guaranty that you’ll choose the right one)). Thats the name of the game.
P.S. To me, the uglier the look of the chase the better, because I’m not wasting money onto B.S. aluminum boxes and LED lights. I prefer better performing parts inside. Only the sound matters. ;~)