Tube Phonostage Causing Rumble and Noises

Hello, I am desperate in need for advices and help.

I have a Aesthetix I/O Eclipse (one power supply) that I acquired new in 2009. It started to make the SVS SB16 Ultra subwoofer rumble a few months ago. I sent it back to Aesthetix, they performed a bunch of upgrades and replaced 4 tubes in gain stage one claiming these would help with the noises. 

When I got it back three months later, the rumble got a bit better but it was still there. Then Aesthetix sent me a new set of tubes claiming there were specially selected and tested for low noise. However, they didn’t eliminate the rumble.

Then I played a record to during the test, the unthinkable happened. When the phonostage is idle, there was just rumble. As soon as a signal was passed from the phono, the sub went crazy, it produced some subsonic noise that made the room shake. I then connected the phono to a tube integrated amp and I heard a loud distorted noise through my LS 3/5A.

The strange thing is that I have no issues using the I/O with my Apogee Fullrange without the sub.

I would appreciate any shape or form of advice/help.

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!


Your phono amp is reproducing low frequency signals coming from your turntable, its support, and the room.

You could try springs under the turntable. 

If you can’t sort it out, try a rumble filter.

Ok, I apologize for this.

How loud is your subwoofer set? Typically  the correct settings to have them correctly integrated is the crossover very low, speaker dependent, but 40hz and volume 10 - 20%… I mean basically turned way down to correctly fill in the trail off of your main speakers.

I have sat down to listen to someone’s high end audio system and immediately jump up and crank their sub woofer down that is cracked up to 80% with a crossover at 120 hz because it is squeezing the sound stage nearly out of existence.