Tube pre/linestage to use w/Plinius SA100 Mk.III

Looking for a good match tube preamp/linestage that uses a remote to use with a plinius SA100 Mk.III. Any help/suggestions?
I heard a system with the ARC CDP-3 ARC LS-25 MKII B&W N802s and SA-102 and it was killer, the LS-25 bettered my BAT VK-30SE in dynamics also. You may also try to see if you can get to audition the Art Audio Gill line stage preamp, it is a very nice one for $4500 list with remote. The preamp is not yet on their website.

Happy Listening.
I used an Audiovalve Eklipse with an SA 100/3 to very good effect. I thought that the pair were very synergistic. The Eklipse is not rolled off, and has in fact some pretty impressive bass. While it may err on the darker, richer side of things, it is not "thick" or syrupy. And unlike alot of other tube preamps I'd auditioned, sounded smooth throughout the frequency range, without any midbass or midrange "humps" that I found distracting.

There's a pretty good write up in the most recent Hi-Fi+, if you can find it in your local bookstore.

Good luck, it's a real nice amp. I only got rid of mine because I needed to go smaller.
One of the best sounding combinations I have owned was a Kora Eclipse pre with the Plinius. On piano it was astounding.