tube pre & ss amp integrated

Been tooling around youtube , I know but what else is there now ? Very cautious !

Wife has fallen for  Mcintosh MA352 . I must have  tubes some place in there , she likes ss, seems to be the best of both worlds  for us . 

I am wondering what would compete with mac soundwise?

Will be using Klipsch Forte 4's with it .

Thank you and be safe.


ditusa ; the vinni rossi is a bit too much for us , but thanks 

curiousjim ; a bluesound node into a yamaha integrated . This is a simple living room system for everyday use.

We will check out the Aestheics, Pathos and Vincent suggestions in a bit.

Thank you

The MA352 is a nice unit. Owned one myself for awhile. With different speakers, it might have been a keeper. But my speakers present a difficult load, down to 0.6 ohms, and the direct coupled amp in the MA352 wasn't always up to the task. I would not expect you to have that issue with your Klipsch. All that said, McIntosh tubes don't sound like typical tubes. If you haven't heard it yet, you might want to give it a listen with your speakers, if possible, before you commit.

I’ve been working on a Class A SS amp. Plan is to add a tube front end to it in the same chassis. 

Like the idea of a really good one box solution, and have been wanting to have a hybrid integrated.


The Croft Phono Integrated has been on my wishlist for a while. Simple little one box solution.