Tube Preamp for Rega Osiris

Anyone have any experience running a tube preamp with a Rega Osiris as the power amp?  Looking for any advice/ideas on bringing tubes into my all Rega solid state system.  

Gear: Rega Osiris, Isis, Aura, P10, Harbeth C7ES3
Thanks for your thoughts! I'm a pro woodworker and have actually built copies of Ton-Trager stands but preferred the bass solidity that my Sound Anchors give me.  I also built a custom walnut hifi rack for all of my components as well.  The Rega Isis Valve was always on my list but I've only ever seen one come up used once in my search over several years. That being said, I love the presentation of the Isis as now I have a VERY close digital and analog front end where before it was lopsided.  I have speaker wire that is silver so that is most definitely my next step before doing anything crazy, although your advice on interconnects is very appreciated.  I will say one of the bigger changes I made to my system was adding a Shunyata Denali with NR cables to my components as that gave me total blacks, increased instrument separation, and an overall more introspective presentation.  What were your monitors before you upgraded to the 30.2 XD?
I had the REGA R9 floorstanders (predecessor model to the RS10s) I moved to standmounts when I moved by 2-channel sysytem out of my mancave and into a smaller FR and more intimate listening arena. The mancave is strictly a 7.1 home theatre arena now.

IMO its your silver speaker cables (inherently bright …) paired with the high-resolution HARBETH’s that are the easy culprit to identify in your quest to get a warmer presentation. The CARDAS CLEAR XLRs removed a lot of that inherent silver cable edge and brightness in all silvers including the NORDOSTS. The synergistic move to CARDAS speaker cables flows lockstep

The ISIS VALVE cdp/DAC is a worthy large step in a tube proxy “warmer” overall performance, but still retain all the finesse, dynamics and the slam of every ISIS. A great partner with HARBETHs,