Tube preamp match with Solid Stare amp

I'm looking for recommendations for a balanced TUBE  pre amplifier..preferably one that also has a phono input.. with a low output impedance.  I'm currently using an Coda No.8..which was designed with balanced in mind.. but it has a pretty low balanced  input impedance of just 10k ohms. Price.. I wouldn't like to spend more than 6k. 

Thank you all :)


The Linear Tube Audio top preamp retail before discounts around $6 k 

with the Lundahl transformer upgrade it maybe true balanced give them a call 

parts quality top notch !

Look in to Backert preamps. Transparent sound and a great preamp for my Pass XA30.8. Wonderful people to deal with, American made and beautifully crafted.

The LTA has no balanced outputs and is not a truly balanced design as @willywonka stated. I own the microZOTL and it is a great preamp, but does not fit what the OP was asking about - plus it is a line stage preamp.


Thank you for the Backert reference.  I am now familiar with a great product!


Get a Schiit one you are too far off to get much in that price range that is better unless you get a 20-70k VAC that is the best.