Tube preamp match with Solid Stare amp

I'm looking for recommendations for a balanced TUBE  pre amplifier..preferably one that also has a phono input.. with a low output impedance.  I'm currently using an Coda No.8..which was designed with balanced in mind.. but it has a pretty low balanced  input impedance of just 10k ohms. Price.. I wouldn't like to spend more than 6k. 

Thank you all :)


+1 for both the Backert Labs and Rogue Audio recommendations. I've run both and it's hard to pick a winner. The Rogue RP-7 (balanced but no phono) seems fuller and warmer, and that Backert just has magic inside. I'd be happy with either so get both and rotate them 😊

+ 1 for Aric Audio recommendation.  You can reach out to the owner, designer who has a passion for his work, he’ll listen to what your needs are, match those needs to one of the current designs and he’ll also redesign one of his offerings to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.  All with top notch, high quality parts and a history or really happy customers that rave about the quality, attention to detail, value and most importantly the sound of the gear. 

OP, I have a solid state amp (Krell 300xd Duo) and matching a tube Pre was a challenge, the amp is designed fully balanced with the XLR inputs providing the best sound.  The amp is also sensitive or better put, designed to use with pre’s that don’t have a really hot signal coming in (gain). I found that it was more common for Tube Pre’s to either offer no balanced options or not be a truly balanced design.  When I found truly balanced Pre, finding a pre that matched the gain for the amp was also challenging.  I landed on a PS Audio BHK Preamplifier and it’s been great so far.  Picked mine up used.  I tied various other Tube Pre’s but none had the right synergy with the Krell.  I’ve also had a Coda Integrated CSiB, Coda makes great gear, I used the Pre in that unit for a minute with the Krell, paired really nicely.  It’s not tube based but you might find the either Coda’s top of the line Pre or the pre that sits below that would give you some of the best attributes of a Tube Amp.  I almost went with the 0X7 pre.  Coda makes unbelievable gear, the quality of parts, design and build quality are second to none and rival gear costing multiples more, silly how underrated or really under the radar they are.  Best advice would be call Coda,  you’ll get one of the owners, designers and they are extremely knowledgeable, I’m sure they would offer up Pre suggestions if you were stuck on Tubes, they don’t make any Tube gear but would still point you in the right direction.

Good Luck, 

Aric Audio without hesitation! I have the Coda Model 16 paired with the Motherlode and the combination has kept me from chasing the audio dragon for the longest duration in my nearly 30 years of,"upgrades". Call him!