Tube preamp options

My system from the preamp on consists of a rouge rp-7, rogue m180 monoblocks, and vandersteen quatro wood speakers. My main source is a brinkmann Bardo through a Rogers PA-2 phono pre. It all sounds great. But there's that itch, you know? I get tremendous soundstage but not that much depth. Clarity is great, mids are nice, bass is excellent. But it doesn't quite have that in the room sound that I'm looking for. The RP7 sounded too solid state and analytical for me out of the box with the stock JJ tubes so I've done extensive rolling. Been through all sorts of NOS tubes and landed on amperex as they seem to have the best balance of warmth and clarity. My thought is, maybe I can find a pre that has those attributes out of the gate without all the rolling. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of being able to tailor the sound with trying different tubes but I feel like maybe there's a brand out there who's house sound I like better. I haven't listened to anything more yet but brands that are on the list to check out are Backert labs, maybe a used ARC Ref 6, VTL, VAC. There are a million little boutique brands tho and I'm asking what people have heard in the 10k price range, new or used, that might be a good fit for me and why. 



@skucie  It is a simple question, but as often the case there is not a simple answer. I think the 6SE is stellar feeding tube amps. But I am using pair of AGD Tempo to bi-amp (GaN output D). They are very detailed and smooth amps, really lovely. But the 6SE was a bit too hard sounding in the midrange with these amps. In addition I was having a gain problem: too much of it. So the short answer is, yes, for my system the Backert Rhythm with a pair of 12sn7's on adapters is a better solution. I have to give a shout out to Dr. Vinyl in Middle River, MD, for suggesting and providing this preamp and these tubes. He is very knowledgeable and helpful, and an all-around great guy.

@markmuse......I'm using the Audio-gd with a Peachtree GANFET 400 and it's Just Glorious with Class D Gallium Nitride amps. The 10 tubes and Regenerative Power supply will really make those Delicious AGD Tempo's sing beautiful melodies.

I went from an RP-7 to a Cary SLP05.  Love what it did.   You might want to consider adding to your list.