Tube preamp topologies and music

I am searching for a tube power amplifier. I know very little (nothing) about what the pros and cons of tube topologies as they relate to certain types of music.

as an example, let’s take hard rock/heavy metal. It seems to be the consensus that say 300b single ended amps would be the wrong choice even if you had 100+db efficient speakers. Why is this?

Also, tube compliment. 211? EL84? 300B? I understand that they have power output differences, but what else?


I welcome everyone’s input.


@immatthewj -- Thanks for the info.  I was able to wade through the posts and glean some insight.


@dogearedaudio -- I plan on doing that, but I'm recovering from a Bone Fusion surgery on my left foot and surgery to remove plates and screws from my right foot, so my mobility is not very good right now.  I don't have anyone to assist me with the gear, so when I saw all the info in Jason's posts, I thought I'd inquire on his knowledge of the Had gear.  I wish I could easily snap my fingers and everything would be set up to test in listening sessions, but unfortunately I'm in rough shape right now.  Oh well.

Tube Amp's are not to be viewed through Rose Tinted Glasses.

Prior to making a decision about adopting the Circuit Type as a Amplification, the individual who is to be using the Audio System is best to come to terms with how disciplined they are in relation to being present in the room when the Audio System is in use.

A recent thread on a similar subject, where leaving a Tube Amp' Powered On, will introduce one to some of the realities that relate to using Valves in a Circuit and some of the disciplines that are best adopted if to become a Tube Amp' user. 

FTR, I am a very long term user of Tube Amps, as a Phonostage, Pre-Amp, and Power Amp. Most recently a Tube DAC is utilised as well, I treat all with the same respect that I began to cultivate in the earliest of days and have been vigilant in maintaining. 

FTR, the system when SS, was regularly used by Wife. When it went over to Valves, she was put off by the suggested attitudes to be vigilant that were made known to us, resulting in her only choosing to listen when I was present.

The decision to change to Valves, has removed multiple hours of music encounters in the home, on the the home audio system from my wife's periods of R&R, she chose to settle for lesser quality methodologies to experience music. 

Enthusiasm for Audio Equipment can prove to be a cruel master, it would be so much kinder if the Music being Replayed and the listening was the major part of the interest.

The endless obsession that can develop in a individual, towards the tools to create a music reply, is not really needing such time and energy put into it. As Music Replays as a form of being an entertainment are very easily enjoyed on the most basic equipment used to produce the end sound. With my Wife today, most of our in the home shared moments whilst listening to replays of recorded music are done with Alexa supplying the end sound. We are very very happy to have these moments of time together, calling up songs at the command from a voice.  

The 45 is a beautiful sounding tube.A 45 SET amp will output around 2 watts. My guess us that they will drive the Herseys fine. Maybe limited dynamics.