Tube Preamp, uses 6sn7/6sl7. With or Without Phono; With or Without Remote Volume,

My friend is looking for:

Tube Preamp,  uses 6sn7/6sl7. With or Without Phono; With or Without Remote Volume,

Remote Volume would be nice, but not a must.

Separate Phono likely, but ......................


thanks, Elliott



Pindac, I see your point, but on the other hand, what is the value of your post if no pertinent information is given that would permit anyone else to benefit from your knowledge and experience? If you want to honor the privacy of the maker, you might find some other way to indicate the name of the  business.  Like "X makes very nice preamplifiers to order, often using the tubes in question".  I just can't see how that could cause problems for the manufacturer, other than an overload of orders. 

ditusa, Good call on the Atma-sphere MP3; I should have thought of them myself.  I own an MP1 and like it a lot, obviously.

deHavilland Ultraverve III ($2,995 when new)


  • Produced in a remote version, including volume
  • Excellent sonically, in all respects
  • High build quality
  • Very responsive to tube rolling


  • No longer in production, designer on extended sabbatical
  • Rare on the used market (I assume those lucky enough to own one would be reticent to sell, me included.)

A search has shown the most recent Ultraverve MkIII to be seen for sale sold in September 2022 for $1650.

To me and from what I know about this model, that sort of money seems to offer a very attractive device at a very competitive price to other options. 

We fixed his noisy Melos Preamp, dead quiet, no remote volume.

Revision: Remote Volume a must

6sn7/6sl7 still desired tube type.


Phono MM and MC included: $5,000 max

No Phono: acceptable, but $3,500 max to leave $1,500 to buy separate phono.

Tomorrow I have time to check out the many preamps mentioned.

thanks, Elliott