Tube Preamp vs Solid State

I am in the process of choosing the right preamp for my system.
Speakers are Thiel CS 3.7, stereo amp Karan KAS 600 and source Ayon S5 network player.
Having a Karan solid state amp i can either take their KA-L Rerefence Mk3 preamp or go the tube way with a VAC Signature Mk2.
Will i benefit more mating the VAC preamp with my solid state amp ?
Any experience on the subject is welcome.
I'm a tube preamp, solid-state amp guy. I also have tubes in my cd player and phono preamp.
I have had both tube and SS preamps and prefer the warmth the tube preamp provides coupled to the power of the SS amp.
The VAC Sig preamp is one I have lusted over. Doubt you would go wrong with that.
A tube here or there or more is just one way to tweak, depending on goals. Common benefits and issues are well documented. No two units sound the same, SS or tube, so expect variability always depending on choices.

Some SS gear is designed to sound more like tube gear than the norm, but that is the exception not the rule.

IF using a tube pre-amp, just be sure the power amp input impedance is 30-40 Kohm or higher, 60Kohm or higher to be safe. If not distortion levels may be higher than needed. Dynamics and bass levels are likely the most impacted, but others may suffer less noticeably as well.

One tube based component in the signal path is typically enough for me. 1-3 tubes total per channel. I prefer and often can get away with none. Its all in the synergy and one's personal goals for how things should sound.

Compensating for fatiguing digital sound is often a reason one might turn to tubes historically, but I find modern good quality digital gear in the last 5-10 years or so (set up properly of course, need not be expensive) to mostly resolve that problem often associated with older generations of digital gear, usually due to higher jitter levels than desired. So tubes should not be needed for good performance with digital alone. One might still choose to use tubes because of the unique sound various tubes and tube gear might impart.
I've heard a "cheap" tube pre sound better than an expensive
SS pre many times.
Also have lost a pr of Rega RS-3 and a pair of KEF 105's to tube failure in a tube pre.