Tube preamp With 2 single ended outputs.

Looking for tube preamp with 2 single ended outputs for biamping and ht bypass.I have aloia amps but preamp does not have bypass.
All the Line series preamps from Sonic Frontiers (Line 1,2,3 and the SE versions) have 2 single ended and 2 balanced outs along with a HT passthrough. Wally
I am connecting the 2 pairs of XLR output of a BAT VK-50SE to a Theta Dreadnaught to biamp a pair of Martin Logan SL3. You can also use a XLR to RCA adapter with it. You don't have to limit youself with only SE preamp. The VK-50SE does not have a HT bypass but it can preset any input to fixed unity gain. That is what I use to connect a processor's two front channels.
My Air Tight ATC-1 has two identical single ended outputs and sounds great.
The VTL 2.5 or 5.5 has what you need. I just sold my 2.5 a few minutes ago if you wish to see my add for future purposes.

It is a great option and even comes with a remote!

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The new Cary SLP2002 has single ended and balanced double outputs , one labled HT bypass.