Tube preamp with Adcom amp

I have been wanting to use a tube preamp in my system but never had the chance to try one. I recently purchase an Adcom GFA-5500 with a Rotel RC-995 and to be honest, is sound good but I want to try something different. I am using the Vandersteen 2ci as my speakers. Due to my style of music, I have always been a SS guy. What would recommend for a tube preamp that will work with the 5500?

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Thanks for all the recommendations. As for remote, that would be a plus but don't really need one.

Don't have a remote for my tube preamp either, but I do have one for my CD and DAC that comes in handy.  Vinyl is still it should be, LOL. 😉

Try the Audio Hungary or the cheaper Fezz Audio pre amps I have both of there INT. amps and there great for the $$

I would try the Cary SLP98.  It is a 6SN7 based preamp with a seperate power supply.  I've used this preamp in my system for several years and thoroughly enjoy it.  It has a nice tubey sound with a great midrange.  These can be had used for around $2000 on the used market.   JEK


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