Tube preamp with Adcom amp

I have been wanting to use a tube preamp in my system but never had the chance to try one. I recently purchase an Adcom GFA-5500 with a Rotel RC-995 and to be honest, is sound good but I want to try something different. I am using the Vandersteen 2ci as my speakers. Due to my style of music, I have always been a SS guy. What would recommend for a tube preamp that will work with the 5500?

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I've been using a BAT VK-3IX for several years with many different SS amps, from class A to class D, with great success.  I'm always amazed that BAT is rarely suggested in these types of posts....

Just be careful of impedance matching as others have said.  Some tube preamps have an output impedance that can rise to over 1kohm.

I started my mid-fi journey with NAD, then Adcom.  my hi-fi started when I added a CJ PV12-L for a preamp with the Adcom 5400.  I have never heard depth in soundstage like that first listen.  Always targeted the L-R soundstage but the CJ was 3D.
I regret giving it up, but it got noisy and balance was off. in hindsight, probably should have replaced all the tubes and would still have it feeding into a Rotel 1080- similar to the adcom, but slightly more coherent.

Following this thread because trying to decide if I can go back.  New speakers are ML ESL-X, the motion XT60 did better with the Rogue Chronus integrated, but the ESL might prefer with  the 200w Rotel.  the Chronus has preamp outs, so going to try it out.

I have decided to go with CJ. There are two CJ preamp near me that I am interested in but cant decide. The two preamp are a PV7 or PV10AL. Both seem to be in great condition. What would be the difference? Thanks

Early Audio Research (SP6 series, SP8) are famous for their classic sound and their superb phono sections.  Conrad Johnsons from this same period were more "tubey" sounding which comes through well on the solid state amps.  But plan to buy in-line gain-reducers for these preamps, as they pretty much all had high output voltages compared to more recent transistor gear.  Thus you may overload the amp, or at the very least will have the volume control turned down so low that it is barely usuable.