Tube preamp with balanced in/out and remote?


I'm looking for a tube preamp with one (or more) balanced inputs, one balanced and one single ended pre-out (for sub), and a remote for volume. I want something a touch warm sounding and preferably around $1000. I know the BAT's have these features and have seen the Sonic Frontiers might but both are up there in price. Are there any good (or great) alternatives in lower price ranges?


The Marsh p2000b preamp has warmth and a great sound stage, rivaling preamps much more expensive. You can sometimes find one on eBay for around $750 or so, used. The remote controls balance and volume.

From Waltcertain,

Sorry, I was mistaken, I'm confusing two Marsh preamps, the balanced and the tube versions. The tube pre doesn't have either a remote nor balanced outputs.

The balanced preamp, has both balanced and RCA outputs, but is not a tube preamp. However, and this is important, it does have a tube-like sound. It's a great preamp that sells retail for about $1500. You can pick it up on ebay for around half that. And it DOES have a remote that controls both volume and balance. I recommend looking into it. I own both, and friends tend to like the sound of the balanced version.

I recommend: Audio Experience ( YS-Audio ) Balanced A2 full balanced line preamp .

It sell at AudiogoN for USD$988.
Full balanced design and full tubes design ( 12AX7 x4 , 5686WB x2 )with Remote Control .
Also, it has two pair XLR output / RCA output and one pair Processor input with Home Theater Bypass loop (HT/BP).
All input and output both with XLR and RCA.