Tube preamp with or without phono stage?

I’m looking to add a preamp to my two channel system. Currently I’m using an Audio Alchemy DDP-1 as the pre fed by a Simaudio Moon 110LP as the phonostage. My amp’s a Benchmark AHB-2 and speakers are Paradigm Persona 3F. The Personas and Benchmark are recent purchases and I’m rebuilding backwards. I’ve been targeting a clear, detailed, neutral and dimensional soundstage. Very low noise and distortion.

I’d now like to add a tube preamp and have a few questions. What are the pros and cons of the phonostage built into the pre vs as a separate? My amp only has balanced in’s but I can use an XLR to RCA adapter if necessary, are there any concerns with using the adapter? Finally, any recommendations up to about $3-5k with some flexibility?

I do have a Phono stage in mine. This debate about which is better could go on. If you are seriously in pursuit it would be a shame not to demo the MP-1.

I have a Pre-amp up for sale on Audiogon, I believe the add may have been over. Need to check. This is a Tube Pre-amp with a tube VTPS Power Supply and performs well above its asking price. The Atma Pre-amp are superior to my current pre-amp for sale but the price difference rightly so.
I was very happy with my preamp phono stage until I tried a better dedicated one. Unfortunately the dedicated phono stage cost more than the preamp. I feel it all depends on how much you want to spend and how everything works together in your system. I feel systems are only as good as their weakest link. I also feel cables and vibration control make a difference so take that into consideration.
I also feel cables and vibration control make a difference so take that into consideration.
This is a pretty big argument for having the phono section built-in.
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