Tube Preamp with Solid State Amp?


I’ve seen some folks using Tube Preamps with Solid State Am ps. I’m thinking of doing that with my system as part of an incremental change. I currently have a Parasound P5 preamp with a Parasound A21 driving Klipsch Cornwall 4’s. Will a decent / good Tube Preamp really make a difference in my sound? I enjoy what I have now but really want to experience Tubes in my system. Thanks!
Wow, there’s definitely a ton of good suggestions here. Perhaps an all Tube set up would be a good idea because my Parasound Amp drives those Cornwalls to insane levels with barely a turn of the Volume knob. However I tend to listen at mid to high levels as I listen to a lot of live music and this current system really can make me feel that live experience.

I have a small and challenging room set up where my Stereo is in one small section of my downstairs family room With no real options to move things around. So having that extra oompf from the A21 seems to deal nicely with any effects from my listening area.

Primaluna was my initial thoughts but I’m intrigued by the Raven Audio gear as well now after reading a bit more into them. Ahhh what to do, what to do lol
All my systems since 1992 featured a tube preamp with a solid state amp.  To me it just sounds right.  

are you sure, the tube sonics/nuances are not being canceled out as they run through ss components?
Preamps make a  dif in how a  amp sounds, 
I've tried at lesat 5 tube pre amps with my Defy and each one carried a  dif signature stamp. 
The most expensive of the 5 was not my fav. 
Which surprised me, as the design/components is just stunning, and hefty at 50 lbs. 
But oddly enough the sound was <not> what i was looking for. The sound seemed <twisted/contorted> as it came out the amp/speakers..
I was sure it was a  keeper at time of purchase. 
Bottom line, if you finda  musical pre/tube, and push it through a  ss design,,,not sure if the end result of locatinga  great muiscal tube pre, was worth the effort. 
= the ss IMHO will <short circuit> (= mangle/distort) the beautuful tube pre sonics. 
Just my  2 cents. 
new orleans
At the risk of coming off as boorish, isnt this the great conundrum we face? We want that elusive perfect sound. That 'is it live or is it memorex' moment. But, anytime we approach that perfect mix, we will find imperfections.
Live music is 'perfect' as it is played/heard as it is performed. Once it is is placed on a media platform, we require playback. The playback, obviously, will introduce imperfections. Each piece of equipment will add its own coloring to the music path. Although we all want the 'straight wire with gain' nirvana, unless a piece of equipment is made 'by the gods', human beings will introduce their own influence in terms of design decisions, material choice, transfer functions.
As much as we talk about the benefits of SS vs tube, harshness vs silkiness, etc., doesnt it all come down to enjoying the music?
I’ve used a Blue Circle BC3000 with a Plinius SA100 MKII with great results.
People with high sensitivity speakers might be shocked by how good they can sound with a really good tube preamp like a Supratek driving a really cheap gainclone type chip amp.