Tube Preamp with TAD Hibachi's

I'm looking for a tubed preamp to go with my Hibachi amps and was hoping for some suggestions. I use Von Schweikert VR-2 speakers and Synergistic Research cabling. My source is mainly an Oppo 93 so no need for a phono at this time. I would like to keep price under $1200.00 Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

I've owned a few tube preamps. The TAD 150 Signature is one of them. It's a nice preamp, warm, musical. It just sounds right. For its price point it's hard to beat. I now have a VTL 2.5 which is also a good preamp within your price range. There's a Juicy Music Blueberry that's nice as well. Conrad Johnson and Joule come to mind but I have not tried these.
I'm sure other members can offer other choices. Best wishes.
I would go used and try a CJ PV-5 if you can find it on here. If you're not trying to get the all-out "euphonic" sound, a used Audio Research pre might be the ticket. When I had my Hibachi's I tried them with a friend's B&W Matrix 803 S3's and a CJ PV-5. It sounded great - nice and warm with plenty of punch and clarity.
I like the idea of a CJ but should I be concerned about phase inversion? The Hibachis have two inputs and from what I understand is that I can connect my HT prepro and my preamp to these amps at the same time. Just turn off the one not being used. One would be out of phase. I had the TAD 150 for a little while. I probably should of kept it and tried some different tubes. I like the idea of a preamp with HT passthrough when unit is off.

I'll second the TAD 150 signature. I relucantantly sold mine to help fund a speaker purchase, a great pre for the money. You may also want to check out Mapleshade which is supposed to be another great linestage