Tube rectification

This may have been chewed on before but I'm at a loss here. I recently went back to tubes and acquired a SoundStage Two pre that uses two 6dj8/6922 tubes. By the way while doing some rolling I found the Mullards to sound the best thus far. Anyway I have seen other preamps having a tube for rectification(5y3 etc). My question is what does a pre with this tube do in reference to one like mine that does not have this feature. Am I missing something in terms of sonics. The SoundStage sounds really good and can be modded as mine has been. Thanks for any info and enjoy the music.
I suppose my post made me look a bit uneducated in terms of a tube preamps function. To rectify means to change thus a tube pre can do this with a tube or without as mine does. In any case I'm glad I back with the glass bottle.
the rectifier is the key to converting AC line voltage to DC to supply the circuit. This can be done with a Tube, or with a solid state.

I'm not sure if Tube rectifiers sound better, or more "tubey" than solid state, though I do know that swapping rectifier tubes can make a very big difference.
I think it will better to have tube rectifier because it allows you to have an extra avenue to tweak the sound to your liking by trying out different brands of tubes.