Tube Rolling

Hi Guys, I am going to be tube rolling very soon with my Primaluna Evo 300 Pre-amp &  Primaluna Evo 400 Power amp, Has anyone tried the new Brimar CV4003 / 12AU7 / 6189 for the gain tubes and the TAD KT88’s- STR Redbase for the power tubes ?

Many Thanks



The NOS Brimar CV4003 has a moderate amount of warmth with extension up top and in the bass. Not as warm as Mullard, but is more detailed. I’ve used them in preamp gain stages and also in my amps.

Brent Jesse is a great dealer, but the CV4003s from Upscale are low noise and have lasted for years. Just so there's no confusion with other tubes, these have box-plates.

+1 Brent Jessee

Great selection of tubes, extremely knowledgeable, and will give an honest with confidence

Brent Jesse’s site is a fantastic resource of information.  When you want a little info on a tube’s characteristic sound it’s there. He himself has always been helpful to me in finding uncommon tubes that he didn’t even know existed.  
whenever somebody asks me what a certain tube sounds like I tell them to look up his site.  

Brent Jesse is the best! And yes I have used the Brimar NOS CV4003 tubes in my Primaluna and its a nice upgrade.