Tube Rolling | Luxman CL-38uc

Hey guys!

Was wondering if I could get your advise about tube rolling on a Luxman CL-38uc.

I’m trying to avoid having to change all Tubes (I want to change them for NOS Tubes).

Since I won’t be using Phono or Tone Controls.
I will just be using the Balance Line In and Line 1/2 Out.

From what I can tell from the schematic (see below) I only would need to change the ones enclosed in green.

Here are the schematics for the CL-38uc Pre-Amp per Luxman:



My questions

- Is my assumption accurate? Or do I need to change other ones?

- Can I use other type of tubes in place of the 12AU/ECC82?
For example I have plenty of ECC83s/12AX7 If so, is there any precautions I need to be aware of?

Any help is appreciated,



Wonderful!! This is really helpful. Looking forward to hearing back on some rolling results. 

wow this is a lot of help.   I wasn't sure about tube position either.

If anyone has done some rolling please post it up

So does the EQ have 2 tubes, the phono stage has 3, and the line stage has 3, ecc82 tubes? 

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I removed that horrid sounding 12au7 JJ tubes, and put Genalex Gold Lions instead. Much better sound. Very smooth. The only drawback is the cost.