Tube shortage?

One of the major suppliers of amplifier tubes is Russia. In retaliation to the sanctions levied against them, they decided to cease exporting tubes to the US and NATO. China makes tubes but your favorite tubes might come from Russia. The US makes almost no tubes. The Kremlin announced the suspension of exports would last at least through the rest of the year. If you have tube amps, you might stock up.


New Sensor Corp, maker of Electro Harmonix and other brands sold  internationally has issued a statement that Russia has allowed them to continue exporting tubes (for now).

Old news. Actually, Electo Harmonix released a PR that supply will be back up as restrictions were lifted or something and that there would be a price increase. Cha-ching!

EDIT: Just saw lowrider's post ^ 😏

Happily, I thought of this last week and ordered an extra quad of power tubes for my amp… and a full set for my preamp (I already had a full backup set for my CD player and amp). Monday I checked the site (The Tube Store) and they shut down their site to catch up on orders because of the onslaught. I received my tubes today, so I have full backups for all of my equipment and a few extra power tubes. so, good idea… but a bit late.


On the other hand, tubes are far more reliable than they are generally thought. I have the spare tubes I bought for about ever tube component I ever owned, but never used one. So, my recommendation is to relax. It will be OK. If when you have a problem, you will find a solution.


I almost hate to say this but if you are a good customer at one of the popular tube stores, you will have no problem buying tubes.

I bought 2 x matched Tung-Sol quads a few weeks ago for the original price. For once, I didn't procrastinate. 

Yeah, for me...for the time being, not buying anything Russian. To each her own.

I have 4 crates of USA-made tubes. Salvaged from a warehouse in 1990. 

Im set for life! I prefer US made tubes over Slovakia, Russian, China tubes. Longer life and more precision. Not better sound; the BEST sound!

I think I can forgo tubes and a lot of other things if it brings a quicker end to this tragic mess...

Big NO to Russian vodka too… anyway, to my ears, NOS US, European and new Chinese tubes outperform Russian tubes easily…the shortage will only affect price of the market in general. 

I suspect any Russian tubes bought today have already been purchased and paid for. You are simply paying… in my case, The Tube Store in Canada for inventory they owned before the war. 


Well there is elrog and eat high end tubes if the price gets closer to these maybe more tempting.