Tube sites/books, recommendations please

After spending my audio life as a member of the solid state party, I am dipping my toe into the dark and mysterious world of tubes. I am purchasing a tube pre-amp in the next couple of weeks and am looking forward to doing some tube rolling. I am looking for any advice regarding either web sites or books that will help me get a basic education on tubes to get me started. Thanks so much in advance for any help offered...
Thanks so much for the information thus far. It's certainly possible that one day I will get a tube amp, but recently I acquired a near mint McIntosh 2255 that was built in May of '82. This has been a long time want of mine and to me has a wonderful warm, yet accurate sound that I've always admired. I guess I'll see how it goes with the pre-amp and decide from there...again, thanks for the help.
I would also agree with the Brent Jessie recommendation. He is very helpful and honest!
Lensteve - what's the rest of your setup like? (Sources, power amp, speakers, cables, room dimensions, etc.)

Also a note on McIntosh - While I like their products and believe they're built extremely well, it's next to impossible to find a truly good deal on anything they've made. I wouldn't try to build the entire setup around McIntosh gear unless you can just throw around thousands like it's pocket change. A good idea would be to try to find someone in your area who's got a tubed setup and get to know them. Out of my tiny audiophile circle, I'm the only "tube guy", but my dad had tons of Mc, CJ, Fisher, Dynaco, and some older Citation amps.
Currently my setup is as follows:
Sources-McIntosh MVP-871 and Oppo 83 Exemplar edition
Power Amp-McIntosh MC2255
Pre-Amp-Utilizing my NAD T-765 Receiver via preouts (hence me purchasing pre-amp)
Speakers-Golden Ear Triton Two
Interconnects and speaker wire-Paul Spietz anti products
room dimension is 15'W, 12'Deep, 10'H
You can probably get plenty of juice from a ~35 wpc tube amp. I still suggest getting used to the MC2255 and find some nearby audiophiles to let you check out other pre's in the meantime. How do you like the Triton Two's? I auditioned them a while back and was underwhelmed, but my dealer didn't take much time setting them up and I'd just finished listening to Magnepan 3.7's. I kinda think the setup and quick switch didn't do them justice.