Tube Sources for Exemplar 3910?


I have an Exemplar-modified (Denon) 3910 and need tubes. I've been using GE NOS 6829s since I bought the unit (new) 3 years ago. Does anyone know of a good source for these tubes? (Andy at Vintage Tubes was recommended to me by one person). And, ALSO, does anyone know if the 6829s are still the best tube to use with this player?

Thank you very much, M297904! Is the 5965 a relatively recent recommendation of John Tucker's? I had a 2900 or 2910 in which I was using 5965s or 7062s, per either John's or Tbg's recommendation. When I bought the 3910 3 years ago, after what I believe were the last modifications John made to the 3910, it came with 6829s; and the dealer told me this was what John recommended. I ask because my understanding is that John has moved on to modifying other, different, non-Denon players.
When I called John Tucker about a year ago to ask your exact question, that's what he told me. I think he likes to tinker and will try different caps and tubes to see what combo works best. For exampole, I found out one unit could have Dynamicaps, another may have Audicaps. I suspect the difference will not be too dramatic.
Jfz, I talked with John. He somewhat prefers the 6829 but says the 7062 give better detail and bass. The 5965s are at the bottom of the heap.