Tube suggestion for Jolida JD-100


I'm interested in seeing what tubes you guys have tried in your Jolida JD-100s and your results with them. I'm looking for a set of tubes, preferably under $50 for the pair (the further under the better!), that are primarily "solid-state'ish" in their silence, with good topend extension and deep and tight bass. I can live without the excessive midrange "tube" manipulation but a little harmonic richness and ambiant detail retrevial would be very welcome. Any suggestions? Thanks!
I had my JD-100 upgraded and they used SV12AX7 Svetlana. With the upgrade they sound great and would imagine they would better the stock tubes. Great player for the $$$
I have tried three different tubes. The stock one, a 1961 NOS Sylvania and the Sovtek 12AX7LPS. The Sylvania was a disapointment, grainy, aggressive. I think the unit sings with the Sovtek Long Plates. With these tubes the CDP has the attributes you are looking for.
I have tried all the tubes mentioned (Svet, Sovtek, and the stock Sylvania). The Svetlana is the best of the three. But if you ad $20.00 more to your budget and get a Mullard CV4004, you will hear a very big difference as far as warmth and clarity compared to the three tubes. After 100 hours on the CV4004, you will discover what the Jolida JD100 can give you. Hope this helps.
I have tried two other as well. An Amperex 12AX7 smooth plate and a GE 5751WA Triple Mica Black Plate. The Amperex had a soft atmospheric quality to it. Pleasant but lacked inner detail and focus. I tried the GE based upon Joe's Tube lore. This proved to be an interesting listen. I was concerned about the reduction in gain with the 5751 but this proved to be an non-issue. With this tube the backround and space between instruments is blacker. Dynamics are improved, with a tight tunefull bottom end. Focus is clear without being edgy, the midrange is open, airy, and smooth. The top end has extension but is clean. This tube is a step up from any of the others I used so far. On top of that they are cheap, $8 bucks a tube.
n.o.s./used smooth-plate telefunkens. i do not feel the need to look any further. they replaced the svetlanas in a modified player. i tried some n.o.s. mazdas, but they were too forward in this application. that was my one and only switch, and now the teles are there to stay. if patient, you can find a good used pair within your price range, and they will last for years and years in the jolida, and your search will be over.