Tube vs. Solid State Amplifiers

I found this really good link regarding the differences:

I've heard some (who are much more knowledgeable than me) say that a tube amp and solid state amp which are rated at the same output power in practice will not drive a speaker to the same level, that in selecting amplifier power levels, you would get similar results from lower powered tube amps.

I thought it would be interesting to see what those who know much more about this subject would contribute to this discussion.
I have followed these discussions with great interest over the years in search of the best solution for me.  I most recently went through integrated SS amps from Parasound and Hegel, then graduated to separates with a Prima Luna Evo 300 preamp paired with an excellent YBA Passion 400 SS amp rated at 100 wpc to drive my Harbeth 30.2s.  I still felt something was missing, so added a single REL T9i subwoofer after being convinced that it would be a better addition that rolling tubes in my Prima Luna.  The REL is compelling, but I still wondered if I needed more amps.  I wasn't looking for louder, but fuller and bigger sound.  My search ended with the purchase of a tube amp with less rated power than my SS amp.  A dealer kindly agreed to come to my house to A/B my YBA against a Rogue Audio ST100, which is rated at less power than the YBA.  After about two-plus hours of listening back and forth, I concluded that the Rogue Audio tube amp sounded more musical, fuller and more dynamic in Triode mode than the more powerful YBA -- which is an excellent amp!  I never find listening with the Rogue Audio ST 100 to be in any way fatiguing and am a very happy camper.  After years of being convinced that I was not and never would be a tube guy, well, I'm a tube guy.  This obviously doesn't solve the mysteries of SS vs tube amps or how many watts, but I must admit I was surprised at where I ended.    
Tube amplification particularly NOS EL34 had me at hello. It’s that much better to my ears than high end solid state or class D.  The 3D holographic imaging which I refer to as density you just can’t reproduce with solid state ( at least not AB). 
I was an SS guy for thirty years until I purchased a modern KT120 tube amp. Wonderful! However, the reliability issues and the regular cost of replacing tubes was onerous. I happily went back to various SS amps, including D-class.

Eventually I came across a vintage restored pair of Quad II mono block tube amps, and to my surprise, they have been utterly reliable and with years of use, have never blown a tube.
It would be hard to find a more dedicated tube guy. For decades, all I wanted to listen to was SETs. 300B and 45. Nothing was more musical and enjoyable. Nothing until AGD. I don’t miss the SET sound at all. In fact, I will never go back to tubes at all. After 50 years of audiophilia constantly upgrading I am done. Especially my amps… never any other then AGD.
AGD Audions has been around since 2018. If it was ALL that the word would have spread like wildfire and all the reviewers would have kept their Demo’s for 50% off. Doesnt appear any did that reading the reviews. Seems like the same 3 guys just keep "pounding the table" on multiple threads here. Call me skeptical. Do you guys get a commission??