Tubed Preamp recommendations?

Hi all- so im looking for a tubed preamp (used) in the $1k-$1.5 (max) range. I can’t decide. the list of contenders is too strong...I was looking at a PrimaLuna 3, BAT Vk30 as well as various ARC’s..then a Levinson 38 popped
I prefer my sound on the warm and silky side of things..but not dark/syrupy. Thoughts, comments are much appreciated.

My system: Meridian 556, Musical Paradise tubed DAC, bluesound Node2i, Schiit Saga/Psvane, KEF Q150, pinetree audio IC’s/Cords throughout, MonsterPower line conditioner.
imho under 1500 the cj and arc options available are tubey sounding, but not transparent enough ... cj a little too much honey colored glow and soft at the frequency extremes, older arc stuff sounds very inconsistent (some too rounded, some grainy, some harsh, some explode the sound stage in really unrealistic ways)

you need to get into the 2-3-4 grand range then the higher and/or more modern cj and arc gear are really top notch
Increase your budget for just 3-5 hundred and get used Modwright LS-100... I’ve got one a month ago and very satisfied with it... wide stage, clear beautiful sound with nice harmony of mids, heights and lows.. plus huge advantage of 12v triggers and full function remote control.
cj et-5 and other et’s do run their tubes hard, they get noisy and need replacement, but there are good/smart solutions to this - just talk to upscale (and jeff fischel at cj)

but let’s stay on topic - these units are well above the OP’s budget