Tubed Preamp recommendations?

Hi all- so im looking for a tubed preamp (used) in the $1k-$1.5 (max) range. I can’t decide. the list of contenders is too strong...I was looking at a PrimaLuna 3, BAT Vk30 as well as various ARC’s..then a Levinson 38 popped
I prefer my sound on the warm and silky side of things..but not dark/syrupy. Thoughts, comments are much appreciated.

My system: Meridian 556, Musical Paradise tubed DAC, bluesound Node2i, Schiit Saga/Psvane, KEF Q150, pinetree audio IC’s/Cords throughout, MonsterPower line conditioner.
I don’t know... maybe I’m too picky... I did compared Freya + rolling Ken-Rad 6sn7gt as well Sylvania 6SN7GT and RCA 6SN7GT with Modwright LS-100 and Cary slp-05 and on my opinion SQ of Freya not even close to those two units.
The ARC SP16L would be a nice fit, fairly inexpensive to retube if nec, and sound nice for the $$$. Good sounding phono stage, though limited to MM carts. 
Given the OP's budget, I agree that the Quicksilver would be on my list. I would also consider the Aric Audio preamp that is offered at that price point.