Tubes at Best Buy. Yes, it's true.

Hey guys. I was looking up a nice cheap budget system
that could fit in my aunt's new cabinet and came across
a Philips mini system with tubes in it. What they
didn't mention was what kind of tubes, replacements,
Tubes at Best Buy. Who woulda thunk!?!?!?!?
( There's the manual. (,39029994,49295334,00.htm) there's a review. I suppose when they say, "built in" tubes, that's what they mean. No indication that they are removable anywhere in the manual (or what they might be). I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I hope this doesn't ruin anyone to the use of tubed equipment(bad first impressions seldom fade easily).
Where do they stock the NOS Telfunkens, across from the
Karaoke machines. Well, I did see a small selection of
turntables last time in, better than nothing I guess.
Just downloaded the Adobe Philips MCD908 Op/Man [48 pages], and there is no mention of what the tubes are, just an explanation of "the golden age of hi-fi", and the more pleasing sound of tubes. However, this is unit is a "Home Theater" set-up [2 channel DVD...but no HDMI output]. Also, it features CLASS D amplification...oh oh! Not that there's anything wrong with a properly executed class-D circuit...but at Best Buy, better grab your your butt-cheeks!
$500 for the complete system (street price), seems reasonable to me for casual listening. Compare/contrast this system vs. the B&W Zeppelin at $600 and I think Philips has a winner on their hands.
hey sugarbrie: i thought the same thing when i first
saw the vincent equipment in the audio mags: a single tube smack dab in the face panel behind a circle glass (i think)panel. i just thought it looked out of place.
but what do i know?