Tubes becoming hard to get?

An article in today’s WSJ talks about tubes for both guitar amps and stereo gear becoming scarce due to Far East and Ukraine/Russian tensions saying most tubes originate from China, Slovakia, & Russia.  As such, people are beginning to Hoard and retailers are beginning to limit purchases. 



A perfect world.

Always keep spares. Ebay sellers are not worried and are happy.

Another company taking advantage of the situation

That’s a joke. A 25% increase is way WAY below market demands right now. Upscale has had to limit customers to 4 power tubes each 180 DAYS to keep from selling out instantly. They’re trying to help spread the tubes out to more amps.

Even a 100% price increase right now will sell out in many cases for the more popular types. Viva tubes increased prices a lot more than Upscale, and even they're running low on stock and having to limit customers now. 

I’d happily a healthy premium on Gold Lion KT88 if I could find them. It’s been a bad time to change my favorite power tube from KT120.

Look at the front page article in today's Wall Street Journal. Guitarists and audiophiles are raiding and hoarding the good tubes. Neal

Well I have a great stock of KT170, KT150’s, KT120,s and KT88 and I bought them all before one bomb fell on Ukraine.

With family in Ukraine and knowing of the build up on the border I placed my orders so I would not be a victim of the hoarders. We also severed our joint ventures in Russia before the bullets flew.

We got our family out with exception of the men in the family that stayed to fight.

I am only using my AH X200 on the weekends and I am conserving tubes. I have a very nice Heed Elixir I run during the week.

So most of the wife’s family is safe and we have been back to help with humanitarian efforts in Hungary and Poland. Yes they have Russian tubes there for now.




All the best to you and your family. And much love and respect to those fighting this war. I'm very close to a family from Ukraine, such wonderful people.