Tubes for Antique Sound Lab 1009

ASL 1009 owners, I'm looking for some ideas on new tubes (over stock chinese tubes) for my ASL 1009. Thanks.
When I had my pair, it was going to cost $2k per amp(NOS) for the 845's, so I stopped looking and sold.
Are you going to investigate changing the caps to VCaps?
Definitely change the stock EL34's for something like SED or Svetlana. The stock were a bit too forward and midrangey for my taste. I noticed a larger improvement with these tubes than with the others. However I did not choose to spend the big bucks on 845's.
Thanks, Tabl10s and Nutella.

No, I am not going to spend big bucks for NOS 845 tubes like to KR845. I plan to just get Shuguang 845M, as recommended by Ed Sawyer at Audio Asylum. However, I plan to change the 12AU7 and EL34 to NOS tubes. Any recommendations?

VCaps would have to wait - changing tubes first.
12au7s:Mazda or La Radio Technique-The Tube Store Or Upscale Audio have these available.
EL-34s:Siemens or Mullard-Upscale has the Siemens.Depends on warm/full or more-open/dynamic (Siemens).
Hi Tabl10s

The amp comes with paper in oil capacitors - these were highly recommended by What kind of improvements do one expect from changing to VCaps?