Tubes for Antique Sound Lab 1009

ASL 1009 owners, I'm looking for some ideas on new tubes (over stock chinese tubes) for my ASL 1009. Thanks.
Thanks, Tabl10s and Nutella.

No, I am not going to spend big bucks for NOS 845 tubes like to KR845. I plan to just get Shuguang 845M, as recommended by Ed Sawyer at Audio Asylum. However, I plan to change the 12AU7 and EL34 to NOS tubes. Any recommendations?

VCaps would have to wait - changing tubes first.
12au7s:Mazda or La Radio Technique-The Tube Store Or Upscale Audio have these available.
EL-34s:Siemens or Mullard-Upscale has the Siemens.Depends on warm/full or more-open/dynamic (Siemens).
Hi Tabl10s

The amp comes with paper in oil capacitors - these were highly recommended by What kind of improvements do one expect from changing to VCaps?
The V-cap is a more dynamic and transparent unit,especially in the high frequencies.One can debate the warmth/articulation in the mid-bass.
For the V-cap, is 0.22 uF 600 DC the correct value to use for this amp?
On the VH Audio website, the picture of the V-cap shows red and green wire on each end. The ASL 1009 shows white and yellow wires to the existing caps. Do the wires on the V-cap and amp have to match or it does not matter? What is a good way to hold the V-caps down?