Tubes for Rogue Audio Perseus Magnum Preamplifier

Any recommendations on better tubes for Perseus Magnum Preamplifier.
Preamplifier came with 12AU7 tubes.

Thank you
For a warm, open classic tube sound, I like RCA BlackPlates. The Perseus and the Magnum have a modern sound with extended highs and I suggest NOS tubes to get a warmer sound.

The best part about tube rolling is that you can use tubes in the driver position (front) and a different sounding tube for the Cathode Follower. Right now I have RCA BlackPlates in front and Mullard Longplates as Followers. The driver section is responsible for most of the sonic signature, but the Follower has a great deal of influence.
So initially you could try only 2 new tubes in the front, to see if you like them.

Mullard Long plates have a very warm presentation with wide soundstaging but are very expensive.

RCA 5963 is another BlackPlate that is more dynamic than the RCA 12AU7. Highly recommended. All BlackPlates have wide soundstaging and smooth highs.

Amperex tubes have a wide, 3D presentation with airy highs. Amazing tubes.  Bugle Boys are the premium version.

Last thing, Rogue recommends RCA Cleartops. Big mistake to use these, they are very fatiguing with extended highs.

Google Brent Jesse, a great tube dealer, who has a page explaining all the different  brands of tubes and how they sound. Good luck with your Perseus.
Easy recommendation. Mullard 12au7's. The difference between these and the stock tubes Rogue uses isn't subtle. Check out Vintage Tube Services. They match and grade all of their NOS tubes. Not cheap at $225 per pair, but well worth the upgrade.


I know this is a very old thread but I am in the same boat right now and wondering what you came up with.  Thanks